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Hello to my small number of followers. I’ve been absent from Tumblr for a few weeks - but I need to keep doing this visual blog, if only for myself!

Seems like many popular Tumblr accounts are of a personal nature, so maybe I should start revealing more intimate details about my life in the hopes of attracting a greater following… Well, I live in Manchester, England. I have aspirations of writing & illustrating children’s books. I am currently addicted to Assam tea & Game of Thrones.


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Haven’t done a post in a while, been a little ill/glum - ah well, sun’s out & spring’s on it’s way!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all!


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Without realising the significance, I posted a piece of artwork earlier by Jean Giraud aka Moebius, only to discover that he sadly died yesterday. This looks like a very interesting BBC documentary on his life and art - brought to my attention via the blog of another amazing fantasy artist James Gurney.

A beautiful imagination and unique vision. A very worthwhile watch!


Jean Giraud

Masha Mel (taken from VICE Russia ‘Too Cool for School’)

Joel Tettamanti

P.S. Thanks to everyone who decided to click the “follow” button - very much appreciated :-) (I will follow back!)